Accessibility information for all IBMA World of Bluegrass events will be available at the Welcome Kiosk in the Raleigh Convention Center.

IBMA World of Bluegrass Accessibility Guide
At all World of Bluegrass events, including the IBMA Business Conference, IBMA Bluegrass Ramble, IBMA Bluegrass Music Awards, and IBMA Bluegrass Live!, we are committed to eliminating barriers to participation related to aging and disabilities.

How to Request an Accommodation

Accessible seating is available for you and your companions for any event with reserved seating (IBMA Bluegrass Music Awards at the Martin Marietta Center for the Performing Arts; IBMA Bluegrass Live! powered by PNC at Red Hat Amphitheater).

Please note that ticket orders cannot be processed by email. Tickets must be purchased online, by phone, or in person.

Sighted Guides at Wide Open Bluegrass

More information
Additional information can be requested by contacting [email protected] or our local host partners at PineCone – David Brower ([email protected]).

Physical Access

Wheelchair-accessible seats: Most of the venues we work with have wheelchair-accessible entrances, seating, and restrooms (The only exception is Architect Bar & Social House, an IBMA Bluegrass Ramble venue. Official Showcase Artists in these venues will also showcase in the Raleigh Convention Center, an accessible venue). IBMA Business Conference sessions and lunches, IBMA Bluegrass Ramble venues, and StreetFest stages are general admission seating. We reserve accessible viewing areas for anyone with mobility considerations, including those using a wheelchair or motorized scooter, and their guests. Space is limited and is provided on a first come, first served basis.

Aisle seats: We will reserve seats on an aisle or another desired location that provides better access for you and your guests.

For assigned seating venues such as the Martin Marietta Center for the Performing Arts or Red Hat Amphitheater, you can reserve accessible seats online, by phone, or in person.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mobility Concepts will not be available on-site for our scooter and wheelchair rental. We look forward to bringing this option back to the festival in 2022.

Visual Access

Sighted Guides: For people who are blind or have low vision, you may request to be paired with a sighted guide who will help you navigate ANY of the IBMA World of Bluegrass events. You may also request a guide or other accommodation by contacting Gloria Mock at [email protected] or 919-270-2021.

PineCone is also seeking volunteers interested in learning to serve as sighted guides at IBMA Bluegrass Live! powered by PNC. No prior experience is necessary; however, training is required for people interested in volunteering as sighted guides. Training sessions are being offered by PineCone at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts (you only need to attend one of the two sessions).

Seating Close to StreetFest Stage: If you would like to sit close to the stage due to low vision, we reserve accessible viewing areas at StreetFest stages. Space is limited and is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Service Animals: We welcome service animals at all IBMA World of Bluegrass events and venues. Service animals are trained to perform a task that is directly related to the handler’s disability.

Hearing Access

Assistive Listening Devices: At compatible venues, we offer assistive listening devices (ALDs). These are available for free on a first come, first served basis. You will be asked to leave an ID to ensure that the device is returned at the end of the event.

  • Raleigh Convention Center (IBMA Business Conference, IBMA Bluegrass Ramble): ALDs available at the Welcome Kiosk
  • Martin Marietta Center for the Performing Arts (IBMA Bluegrass Music Awards): ALDs available at the box office
  • Red Hat Amphitheater (IBMA Bluegrass Live! powered by PNC): ALDs available at the box office

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) amplify sound transmitted by the microphone while eliminating ambient noise. You can choose to wear the device with headphones or a neck loop. Neck loops are compatible with t-coil hearing aids. ALDs are obtained from the box office or registration table on the day of your event. At this time, ALDs are not available for StreetFest stages and IBMA Bluegrass Ramble venues.

Seating Close to Stage: If you would like to sit close to the stage for lip reading, we are happy to reserve seats for you and your guests.

Sensory Friendly Access

Quiet Spaces: 

  • Market Plaza on the East side of Fayetteville Street between First Citizens Bank and the YMCA
  • Raleigh Marriott City Center: Alumni Meeting Room. The room will be set with one round table and ten chairs with a water station each day.

For people or families who need a low sensory environment away from the crowds and noise.

Accessible Restroom Locations

  • East and West Hargett
  • East and West Martin
  • East Davie
  • East City Plaza
  • Lots A1 and A2 (Experience Zone)

Accessible Drop-off Locations

There are four accessible drop-off/pick-up locations along the StreetFest footprint.

  • East side of Fayetteville Street across from the Marriott between Lenoir Street & City Plaza.
  • East side of Salisbury Street at the intersections of Davie, Martin, and Hargett Streets.

Parking and Getting Around

List & interactive Google map of downtown Raleigh Parking Decks and Lots

Parking decks are available both days; parking fees may vary. Accessible parking is located in the first level of parking garages. Color-coded map of downtown Raleigh Parking Decks

Select downtown Raleigh parking decks are color-coded to help you remember where you’ve parked:

  1. Blount Street Parking Deck: Purple Deck (1 block east of Davie Street Stage and Martin Street Stage)
  2. Wilmington Station Deck: Blue Deck (1 block southeast of Dance Tent, 1 block northeast of Hargett Street Stage)
  3. Moore Square Deck: Green Deck (1 block east of Hargett Street Stage and Martin Street Stage)
  4. Performing Arts Center Deck: Aqua Deck (1 block south of Convention Center, 1 block southeast of Red Hat Amphitheater)
  5. City Center Deck: Red Deck (1 block east of Davie Street Stage and City Plaza stage)
  6. Cabarrus Deck: Brown Deck (1 block west of City Plaza Stage)
  7. Municipal Deck: Orange Deck (2 blocks west of Dance Tent)
  8. Convention Center Deck – Underground: Yellow Deck (1 block south of City Plaza Stage)
  9. Additional decks nearby the IBMA Bluegrass Live! footprint include: Alexander Square, Charter Square, Hannover, Convention Center Underground, Moore Square Decks!

Street parking surrounding the footprint of IBMA Bluegrass Live! is free after 5pm on Friday and all day on Saturday. Street parking is available on Friday before 5pm, just be sure to pay your meter! The parking meters have a “Handicapped Parking Option” for visitors displaying a handicapped placard or license plate. There is no time limit on a Handicapped Payment, so there is no need to move your car again, although you still have to pay $1 per hour of parking.

The Moore Square Bus Station is located at 214 S Blount Street, 1.5 blocks from the heart of the StreetFest footprint.

The R-Line, a free circulator shuttle, will also be available to help you get from your parking space to the festival footprint.

Accessible Cab Companies
Community Cab and Wheelchair Service / Phone: 919-231-6282
Evans Transportation / Phone: 919-427-5635
King Richard Transportation / Phone: 919-754-7270
Leisure Cab and Transportation / Phone: 919-833-6169

In the evenings Raleigh’s teams of rickshaw drivers can be a great option for moving from one event to another in a cost-effective way:

Crank Arm Rickshaw
Raleigh Rickshaw

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